Life in a day!

I wake up when the moonlight fades; in tandem to emerging sunlight shades.

With eye lids in protest to open apart; As I sit on bed looking like a retard.

Random thought crosses my mind; while I thank god to gift sleep to mankind.

My head still loaded with yesterday’s unprocessed data backlogs; All I see outside is empty streets and loyal stray dogs

My sense takes no time to appear; when my mom skeptically says “Are you awake dear”.

Body hovering with 16.6% gravity in the room; in reality what earth’s gravity is on the moon.

When struck by reality I am automated to follow monotonous routine; early morning hours are a struggle and breakfast includes no caffeine.

Noon is when things appear to make sudden sense; I see myself tackling daily problems with weak defense.

Surprisingly afternoons turn out to be languid; we all agree that afternoons aren’t as smooth as fluid.

Evening errands keep me occupied; Evenings without football and I am petrified.

 Gusto in watching the “El Clasico”; Barca scoring goal followed by crowd cheering “Golaso”!

Finally the dark night arises; I ain’t no Bruce to fight dark surprises.

The moonlight shines with stars hidden behind man-made pollution; and the day ends with Life & happiness amalgamation.

There I lay on bed thanking god for the day; As I fall asleep hoping tomorrow to be a different today.


A Day in Life!

In the night I sleep with a  body full of stress and desires, every next morning I get up filled with reality that backfires. Its not the morning sunlight nor the roar of lion that breaks my sleep but instead thinking of daytime unwanted activities that will make me weep.  I curse myself to live such a life but suddenly bless myself when I see a poor man without children and no wife. Life isn’t easy with an empty pocket and heart full of desire, it only get tough when an MBA to whom a company refuses to hire.

Whom am I fooling by saying yes to every sentence which my boss shouts from his mouth, I am a man born in the nature of north and now struggling to sustain in the south. I have loads of work with tight timelines which I am suppose to complete but whom do I complain with lack of knowledge and experience with which one cannot compete. Its easy to say things value of two and do things of one but its hard when you work countless that is valued by none. I pacify myself by looking at the unlucky ones who did not even get the blessing from the nuns.

Then happens the dawn with a fading light of sun and then I think of having some fun. Later in the evening I realize that the moment I have been waiting for the entire day is here  but the happiness vanishes as soon as I get a mail from the boss that says “please  prepare a PPT and send it to me before midnight dear”. Midnight I send the PPT and say to myself for the day this is the end but the truth is loneliness with silence is my only friend. There in the night I sleep with a mind full of stress and a heart full of disappointment knowing again the unwanted activities planned for the morning appointment.IMG_3370